Building Community One Spirit at a Time

The Caleb Group provides service coordination in 22 sites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine. Service coordinators work with elderly, families and disabled residents to increase their independence be helping identify their needs and connecting them with community resources to fulfill these needs as well as build a sense of community. The American Association of Service Coordinators, of which Caleb is a founding member, has developed standards of practice for service coordinators that Caleb uses to guide and maintain its performance. The Caleb Group's service coordinators are managed by two Regional Directors, one covering Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire and one responsible for Maine.

Freeing the Human Spirit

Caleb works with 992 low income and very low income families around New England making on average 60% of median income. while only a handful of residents still receive welfare benefits and more families are working, many families are still living on salaries from temporary and part-time jobs, housing and food subsidies. Those families receiving welfare benefits soon face more severe limitations. Service coordinators work with these families on the long road to economic self-reliance.

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