Computer Learning Centers

Computer learning centers bridge the widening digital divide that permeates the lives of the low income residents in affordable housing community. Computers and technology are so central to life today that those lacking access to computers will actually become further economically and socially disadvantaged. In other words, the gap will only continue to widen.

The Caleb Foundation strives to build computer learning centers in each of its low income community buildings for use by our residents and neighbors. A survey conducted in 2003 found that less than half of the families at Caleb sites had their own computers. Over 75% of these families were interested in participating in computer classes.

The Caleb Group has had tremendous success in our low income housing sites engaging the community to help promote and run the centers.
  • Caleb received the 2003 Digital Opportunity Award for "empowering families and unleashing the force of technology for social good" in Lowell.
  • The Caleb Adult Center in Portland began as a Caleb computer learning center and now boasts over 200 hours of tutoring and computer learning each month.
Some sites involve the local school district in tutoring, VISTA volunteers, civic associations, community residents, churches, universities, etc. to expand the positive effects of the centers.

Computer learning centers offer elderly, youth and adults a place to
  • research health related information
  • connect with family far away
  • research a hobby
  • explore new lands and distant cultures
  • complete homework
  • play educational computer games
  • enhance their employable skills
  • learn word processing and spread sheet programs
  • search job sites on the Internet
  • practice English as a second language
  • share new skills between each other build community.
If you are interested in volunteering at one of the centers, please contact us.

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