Creating Affordable Communities

Caleb owns and operates affordable housing, from elderly complexes to low-to-moderate income multi-family projects throughout New England.

The Board of Directors and Staff bring experience in the development and management of affordable housing, ministry to the poor, land-use planning, finance, construction and fundraising. The strong commitment to freeing the human spirit through the provision of safe, decent affordable housing and supportive services is what makes Caleb unique.

To preserve existing multi-family low-income housing, Caleb purchases and rehabilitates the property, bringing it to today's standards.

Caleb promotes a self-help ethic through resident involvement, a key ingredient to developing successful multi-family housing, and empowering residents.

Caleb finances its projects using federal, state and community resources including tax credits, non-taxable financing, low interest loans, and grants.

Caleb collaborates with other businesses and non-profit organizations committed to improving properties, and the quality of life of low to moderate income people.

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