Caleb Partnerships

By Warren Sawyer, President & CEO, The Caleb Foundation, Inc.


In a very real sense the Caleb organizations could not achieve their mission without many partners. The achievement of our objectives would never be realized. Quite wondrously, when our various partners join together in support of our mission the sum of the parts (partners) is greater than the whole, and our missions become more achievable.

In acquiring and developing affordable housing the essential partners include owners of land and building, cooperative local governments, U.S. Government (HUD) and state agency financing, joint venture partners, investors banks and contractors.

When the project is completed we concentrate our energies on enhancing the lives of the residents through empowerment and building community. The Caleb Group seeks partnership with local nonprofit service providers, communities of faith including the local clergy, providers of health care, trainers, educators, foundations, U.S. state and local governments in the addition to corporate and personal donors in the financial support of our mission.. Then, most important, the residents themselves become partners, such as in the recent completion of the new Caleb Community Center at Village Heights, built in large measure through the work of many of the residents. Together, in partnership, we are building community.


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